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Các hàm cơ bản trong Appsheet

Loại HàmTên HàmCông Thức HàmKết Quả Hàm
ConditionalIFIF(logical-expression, value-if-true, value-if-false)Either/or conditional evaluation. 
ConditionalIFSIFS(condition1, value1, [condition2, value2 …])First-match conditional evaluation. 
ConditionalSWITCHSWITCH(expression, case1, value1, [case2, value2 …], default)Choose-one conditional evaluation. 
Date and timeDATEDATE(when)Date from Date, DateTime, or Time. 
Date and timeDATETIMEDATETIME(when)DateTime from Date, DateTime, or Time. 
Date and timeDAYDAY(when)Day of month from Date, DateTime, or Time. 
Date and timeEOMONTHEOMONTH(when, offset-months)Date of last day of a month from Date or DateTime. 
Date and timeEOWEEKEOWEEK(when)Date of last day of a week from Date or DateTime. 
Date and timeEWOMONTHEWOMONTH(when, offset-months)Date of last weekday of a month Date or DateTime. 
Date and timeEXTRACTDATESEXTRACTDATES(text-to-extract-from)Extract list of dates within a textual value. 
Date and timeEXTRACTDATETIMESEXTRACTDATETIMES(text-to-extract-from)Extract list of DateTime values within a textual value. 
Date and timeEXTRACTDURATIONSEXTRACTDURATIONS(text-to-extract-from)Extract list of Duration values within a textual value. 
Date and timeEXTRACTTIMESEXTRACTTIMES(text-to-extract-from)Extract list of Time values within a textual value. 
Date and timeHOURHOUR(duration)Hour of day from Duration. 
Date and timeISOWEEKNUMISOWEEKNUM(date)Number of the ISO week of the year for the specified date. 
Date and timeMINUTEMINUTE(duration)Minute of hour from Duration. 
Date and timeNOWNOW()Current date and time. 
Date and timeMONTHMONTH(when)Month of year from Date, DateTime, or Time. 
Date and timeSECONDSECOND(duration)Second of minute from Duration. 
Date and timeTIMETIME(when)Time from Date, DateTime, or Time. 
Date and timeTIMENOWTIMENOW()Current time. 
Date and timeTODAYTODAY()Current date. 
Date and timeTOTALHOURSTOTALHOURS(duration)Count of hours in Duration. 
Date and timeTOTALMINUTESTOTALMINUTES(duration)Count of hours in Duration. 
Date and timeTOTALSECONDSTOTALSECONDS(duration)Count of seconds in Duration. 
Date and timeUSERTZOFFSETUSERTZOFFSET()User’s local time offset from UTC. 
Date and timeUTCNOWUTCNOW()Current time and date in UTC. 
Date and timeWEEKDAYWEEKDAY(when)Day of week from Date or DateTime. 
Date and timeWEEKNUMWEEKNUM(when)Week of year from Date or DateTime. 
Date and timeWORKDAYWORKDAY(when, days, [holidays])Computed date excluding non-work days. 
Date and timeYEARYEAR(when)Year from Date, DateTime, or Time. 
ImageSNAPSHOTSNAPSHOT(deep-link)Take a snapshot of a view. 
ImageTEXT_ICONTEXT_ICON(text)Icon from text. 
InformationalCONTEXTCONTEXT(option)Information about the running app. 
InformationalINPUTINPUT(input-name, default)Dynamic input assigned by the user or an action. 
InformationalUSEREMAILUSEREMAIL()User’s email address. 
InformationalUSERLOCALEUSERLOCALE()User’s locale. 
InformationalUSERNAMEUSERNAME()User’s name. 
InformationalUSERROLEUSERROLE()User’s role. 
InformationalUSERSETTINGSUSERSETTINGS(“user-setting”)Specified user setting value. 
LinkENCODEURLENCODEURL(text)Encode text for use in URL. 
LinkHYPERLINKHYPERLINK(url, text)New hyperlink. 
LinkLINKTEXTLINKTEXT(hyperlink)Text component of hyperlink. 
LinkLINKTOAPPLINKTOAPP(app-id)Constructed deep link to an app. 
LinkLINKTOFILTEREDVIEWLINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(view, filter)Constructed deep link to a filtered view. 
LinkLINKTOFORMLINKTOFORM(view, column, value, [column, value…], [app-id])Constructed deep link to a form. 
LinkLINKTOPARENTVIEWLINKTOPARENTVIEW()Constructed deep link to the parent view. 
LinkLINKTOROWLINKTOROW(key, view, [app-id])Constructed deep link to a row. 
LinkLINKTOVIEWLINKTOVIEW(view, [app-id])Constructed deep link to a row. 
LinkLINKURLLINKURL(hyperlink)URL component of hyperlink. 
ListANYANY(list)One arbitrary list item. 
ListCOUNTCOUNT(list)Number of list items. 
ListININ(text-to-search-for, list-to-search)Is item in list? 
ListINDEXINDEX(list, which-one)One specific line item. 
ListINTERSECTINTERSECT(list1, list2)Items common to two lists. 
ListLISTLIST([value…])New list. 
ListMAXMAX(list)Highest item in a list. 
ListMINMIN(list)Lowest item in a list. 
ListSORTSORT(list, [descending?])Sorted list of items. 
ListSPLITSPLIT(text, delimiter)List from text. 
ListTOPTOP(list, how-many)Initial list of items. 
ListUNIQUEUNIQUE(list)Unique items in list. 
LocationDISTANCEDISTANCE(location1, location2)Distance between locations. 
LocationHEREHERE()Current location. 
LocationLATLAT(where)Latitude component of location. 
LocationLATLONGLATLONG(latitude, longitude)LatLong from components. 
LocationLONGLONG(where)Longitude component of location. 
LocationXYXY(x, y)XY value based on the coordinates. 
LogicalANDAND(condition1, condition2, [condition3 …])Answer: Are all true? 
LogicalNOTNOT(condition)Is it false? 
LogicalOROR(condition1, condition2, [condition3 …])Are any true? 
MathABSABS(x)Arithmentic absolute value. 
MathAVERAGEAVERAGE(list)Arithmetic average of list of numeric values. 
MathCEILINGCEILING(x)Round up to nearest integer. 
MathDECIMALDECIMAL(x)Decimal from any value. 
MathFLOORFLOOR(x)Round down to nearest integer. 
MathLNLN(x)Natural logarithm of a numeric value. 
MathLOGLOG(x, [base])Logarithm of a numeric value. 
MathLOG2LOG2(x)Base 2 logarithm of a numeric value. 
MathLOG10LOG10(x)Base 10 logarithm of a numeric value. 
MathMODMOD(dividend, divisor)Arithmetic remainder from integer division. 
MathNUMBERNUMBER(value)Number from any value. 
MathPOWERPOWER(x, y)Arithmetic exponentiation. 
MathRANDBETWEENRANDBETWEEN(lower-bound, upper-bound)Random integer from range. 
MathROUNDROUND(x)Nearest integer. 
MathSQRTSQRT(x)Arithmetic square root. 
MathSTDEVPSTDEVP(list)Arithmetic standard deviation of list items. 
MathSUMSUM(list)Arithmetic sum of list items. 
TableFILTERFILTER(dataset, select-row?)Select rows of table or slice. 
TableLOOKUPLOOKUP(value, dataset, column, return-column)Get column value from row in table or slice. 
TableMAXROWMAXROW(dataset, column, [select-row?])Row with greatest value in column. 
TableMINROWMINROW(dataset, column, [select-row?])Row with lowest value in column. 
TableORDERBYORDERBY(keys, sort-key, [descending-order?, [sort-key]]…)Sort row references. 
TableREF_ROWSREF_ROWS(dataset, ref-column)Gather related rows from table or slice. 
TableSELECTSELECT(dataset-column, select-row?, [distinct-only?])Select rows from a table or slice. 
TableUNIQUEIDUNIQUEID([type])Pseudo-unique ID. 
TextCONCATENATECONCATENATE(part, [part …])Merged text from parts. 
TextDOMAINOFDOMAINOF(email)Extract domain from an email address. 
TextENDSWITHENDSWITH(text-to-search, text-to-search-for)Does text end with fragment? 
TextEXTRACTEXTRACT(“text”, text-to-extract-from)Extract values from text. 
TextEXTRACTDOMAINSEXTRACTDOMAINS(text-to-extract-from)Extract list of domain values within a textual value. 
TextEXTRACTEMAILSEXTRACTEMAILS(text-to-extract-from)Extract list of Email values within a textual value. 
TextEXTRACTHASHTAGSEXTRACTHASHTAGS(text-to-extract-from)Extract list of hashtags within a textual value. 
TextEXTRACTMENTIONSEXTRACTMENTIONS(text-to-extract-from)Extract list of mentions within a textual value. 
TextEXTRACTNUMBERSEXTRACTNUMBERS(text-to-extract-from)Extract list of numeric values within a textual value. 
TextEXTRACTPHONENUMBERSEXTRACTPHONENUMBERS(text-to-extract-from)Extract list of phone numbers within a textual value. 
TextEXTRACTPRICESEXTRACTPRICES(text-to-extract-from)Extract list of price values within a textual value. 
TextFINDFIND(text-to-search-for, text-to-search)Position of fragment in text. 
TextINITIALSINITIALS(text)First character of each word. 
TextLEFTLEFT(text, how-many)Left-most characters of text. 
TextLENLEN(text)Number of characters in textual value. 
TextLOWERLOWER(text)Convert text to lowercase. 
TextMIDMID(text, begin-at, length)Segment of a string. 
TextOCRTEXTOCRTEXT([image-column])Extract all text from an image. 
TextRIGHTRIGHT(text, how-many)Right-most consecutive characters from a textual value. 
TextSTARTSWITHSTARTSWITH(text-to-search, search-for)Does text begin with fragment? 
TextSUBSTITUTESUBSTITUTE(text-to-search, search-for, replace-with)Text with replacements 
TextTEXTTEXT(value, [format])ormatted text from the first argument.. 
TextTRIMTRIM(value)Format as text. 
TextUPPERUPPER(text)Convert text to uppercase. 
Yes/NoCONTAINSCONTAINS(text-to-search, text-to-search-for)Does text contain fragment? 
Yes/NoEXTRACTCHOICEEXTRACTCHOICE(text-to-extract-from)Extract one Yes/No value within textual value. 
Yes/NoISBLANKISBLANK(value)Is value absent? 
Yes/NoISNOTBLANKISNOTBLANK(value)Is value present? 

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